Elisa Halliday

City: Mountain View, CA

Age: 46

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom of one biological child and foster mom of three children.

Interests: Sushi, movies, camping, and going to see the San Jose Earthquakes with my family. We are currently fostering three children with PTSD and other disorders, so we spend a lot of time helping them recover from the trauma they've experienced. We have also been involved in helping an orphanage in Honduras for over 12 years. I have plans to go visit and teach some of the older girls jewelry-making as a job skill. 

Dream: To raise children who love God and helping others.

Style Inspiration: My mother-in-law. She is kind and generous and always dresses so fashionably.

Elisa + Mae-Noel: As a mom of young children, comfort is important to me. I love that Mae-Noel clothing is light and easy to wear. 


Elisa and her family live in Silicon Valley, where our children attend school together. I love seeing Mae-Noel worn by a strong woman with such a bright smile and big heart.

Joanna Mae-Noel