Sarah Hawthorne

City: Mill Valley

Age: 29

Occupation: Certified Health Coach, founder of My Balance & Wellness

Interests: Travel of any kind, being in the great outdoors and spending quality time connecting with Mother Nature, hiking and trail running on Mt. Tam with my dog Bailey, watching foreign films with my man, all things sustainability-focused, eating good food, yoga with friends, taking Epsom salt baths, catching up with my naturally gorgeous girlfriends over matcha lattes at our local cafe Equator, playing my favorite music almost all day long (often singing and dancing along too -- just ask my husband), and life -- continuing the journey of self-growth and discovery.

Dream: To continue living in the wonderful Bay Area while spending more time in my amazing home country Australia (an apartment in Sydney would be a dream come true!), to continue to educate and speed awareness on topics I am passionate about such as a sustainable food system and preventative health care, to start my own holistic wellness center with my girlfriends (the first one being in the Bay Area and expanding from there -- stay tuned over the next few years...), and to continue to inspire others to live their best and most authentic lives. 

Style inspiration: I don't really have a style icon, but I am inspired in general by my friends and family: my sister for her career drive, my husband for his integrity, my brother for his artistic talents and creativity, my mother for her strength and selflessness, and my friends for their uniqueness and authenticity.

Sarah + Mae-Noel: I wear what feels comfortable, is sustainably made, and represents me by being minimal, feminine and classic all at the same time -- like Mae-Noel.

Sarah lives in the North Bay with her husband and dog. I love all that she stands for; her positive energy and generous spirit have motivated and supported me as a person, and the growth of Mae-Noel as a brand.  

Joanna Mae-Noel